Design of test facilities

We have been in charge of the hydraulic design studies of numerous hydraulic and hydrodynamic test facilities:

  • Cavitation tunnels: France, China, Poland, Australia, South America
  • Pumps and valves test loops: French Energy National Company (EDF), VELAN, French Nuclear Agency (CEA)
  • Multiphase test loops: Grenoble INP, ESPC Paris
  • Microflow test rigs: CETIAT

Cavitation tunnels

You will find here-below some publications dealing with the design of cavitation tunnels carried out by YLEC Consultants:

Seeding liquid flows with microbubbles

CARMIST is a compact microbubbles generator for PIV/LDV seeding. Its functioning is based on the working principles of CARMIN microbubbles injectors, patented by YLEC Consultants.


CARMIST microbubbles seeding system has been developed in the frame DGA/RAPID Multylec R&D program, led by YLEC Consultants, in partnership with LEGI laboratory, and sponsored by the French Defense procurement agency (Direction Générale de l’Armement - DGA).


The microbubbles injected by CARMIST device are particularly efficient flow tracers and represent an alternative to solid particles generally used. The main advantages of CARMIST are related to a perfect control of the sizes of injected microbubbles, high tracer concentration, confined seeding volume (for instance limited to a thin sheet including the laser sheet), as well as the preservation of the water quality of the test facility (no water pollution). The hydrodynamic profile of the CARMIST injector also guarantees a minimal disturbance of the flow under investigation.


This work has been presented at 28th IAHR symposium on Hydraulic Machinery and Systems (IAHR2016).



CARMIST microbubbles seeding device upstream of the test section of LEGI cavitation tunnel