You will find here-below a more detailed presentation of our main specialties:

  • Separation
  • Generation of Microdroplets and Microbubbles
  • Cavitation and Wear phenomena


Find out more about our activity relative to the design of TEST FACILITIES and about our technologies developed for:




YLEC Consultants has designed, developed and tested numerous separation techniques (liquid-liquid separators and liquid-gas separators).

Our developments cover a wide range of applications, for instance: Water/Hydrocarbons separation, droplets or particles separation from a gas or vapor stream, or separation of micro-droplets or solid particles from a liquid stream.

We can propose various tailored solutions including gravity separation, centrifuge separators, static or rotating cyclonic separators.

Find out more about our patented Oil/Water separation solutions:



YLEC Consultants has also developed numerous techniques for the generation of bubbles and droplets, and more specifically for the generation of Microbubbles and Microdroplets.

In particular, we propose the following compact solutions:

  • LAMYLEC: compact injectors for the production of perfectly calibrated  (single size) microbubbles and microdroplets with controlled and adjustable bubbles (droplets) sizes and production rates.
  • CARMIN: compact generator for the production of high density microbubbles clouds with controlled and adjustable bubbles size.



The study of hydrodynamic cavitation and of cavitation erosion is an historical specialty of YLEC Consultants (Cavitation: Bubble Trackers).


More recently, we have built-up a recognized expertise in the field of wear mechanisms induced on hydraulic components by flows transporting solid particles.



Our expertise on these very complex phenomena is for instance required for:

  • issues related to the maintenance and rehabilitation of hydraulic and hydro-electric structures
  • or in the field of nuclear safety