Microbubbles generator


CARMIN injectors produce large quantities of very fine microbubbles. Unlike DAF (Dissolved Air Flotation) type processes, their implementation, very simple, only requires a pump generating only a few bar pressure. Their patented operating principle offers the following advantages:

  • Bubble size comparable to that produced by DAF processes
  • Injection of any gas into almost any liquid: possible injection of gas that is not or only slightly soluble in the liquid (unlike DAF processes)
  • Easily adjustable bubble size (typically between 10 μm and 100 μm): this allows optimized and simple control of the process using microbubbles
  • Production of microbubbles exclusively: no millimetric bubble is produced which maximizes the contact time and the exchange surface between the liquid and the gas
  • Injectors potentially very compact


The many possible applications of these devices concern for example:

  • Flotation and / or stripping water treatment
  • Oxygenation, aeration or deaeration of liquid
  • Intensification of liquid-gas reactions
  • Visualization and / or flow tracing (CARMIST)


The table below lists the different versions of CARMIN injectors developed and qualified by YLEC Consultants.



Performances of CARMIN devices - injection of air microbubbles in fresh water

Some specific fabrications

YouTube / CARMIN


Calibrated microbubbles injector


LAMYLEC injectors can generate flows of perfectly calibrated microbubbles. Both bubbles size and production rate can be easily adjusted and precisely known.


These very compact devices are mainly dedicated to:

  • Nuclei seeding for cavitation tunnels and other hydraulic and hydrodynamic test facilities
  • Calibration of specific sensors for the measurement of microbubbles size and gas content in liquids


You will find here-below the main characteristics of the LAMYLEC injectors developed and experimentally qualified by YLEC Consultants.


Performances of LAMYLEC injectors